October 11, 2018

Fire Prevention Week at Learn and Grow Depot


In recognition of Fire Prevention Week (week of October 8th) at Learn and Grow Depot in Abilene, Firefighter Kirk Gable (left in first photo) and Firefighter Kale Strunk (right in first photo) with the Abilene Fire Department had a presentation for the children of Learn and Grow Depot. They first had a classroom presentation for the children discussing fire safety and how firemen are at your house to help. Strunk got dressed in his fire protection gear to show how he would look while fighting a fire, but how he is the same person under all of the gear, so the children would not be afraid. The group then moved outside for a tour of the two fire trucks in the parking lot of Learn and Grow Depot. Thank you to Firefighter Gable, Firefighter Strunk, and the Abilene Fire Department for coming to Learn and Grow Depot.

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