October 23, 2019

MHSVC Craft Committee Ladies Busy

The Memorial Health System Volunteer Corps (MHSVC) craft committee ladies (first photo) have been busy working on several different projects. They made activity blankets, which were donated to the R.O.S.E. Unit (Rehabilitation of Special Elderly). These activity blankets provide sensory and tactile stimulation for the restless hands for a variety of patients.

Elaine Mills and Katie Simmons (second photo) have been busy making “taggie blankets” for the baby baskets. Every baby born in Memorial Hospital receives a basket from the MHS Volunteer Corps. The basket includes a handmade crocheted or knitted baby blanket (third photo) handmade burp cloth, baby bear, Baby’s 1st Calendar, Mommy book, a baby book, baby’s 1st spoon engraved with “Congratulations! From Memorial Health System Volunteer Corps”, a taggie blanket, and more. Taggie blankets are a way for babies to explore textures and colors with their hands. They are washable and easy to take along in the car or to occupy a baby with a quiet toy.

Sarah Wilson and Nola Mae Jaderborg (fourth photo) sewing away on the sewing machines. Nola Mae, a retired seamstress, helps with mending items from Memorial Hospital. The craft committee has four sewing machines, which are often in use for many of our projects.

(fifth photo) Evelyn Carter and her daughter Linda Steele, from Leavenworth, Kansas, make items such as baby blankets, wheelchair bags, and adult bibs. The adult bibs were donated to the R.O.S.E. Unit and Inpatient Unit. Linda also belongs to a church craft group in Leavenworth, who have been making items for Memorial Hospital. The wheelchair bags will be sold in the Caring Hearts Gift Shop to help pay for the supplies for these projects.

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