January 31, 2020

Volunteer Corps Grants Gift to FANS Department at Memorial Hospital

The Memorial Health System Volunteer Corps (MHSVC) recently purchased a food cart for the Food and Nutritional Services (FANS) department at Memorial Hospital in Abilene through the volunteers’ annual gifting program. The new cart is a smaller version of carts used to deliver meals within Memorial Hospital. This cart will be useful for delivery of smaller quantities of meals. Pictured with the new cart, from left:  Gina Tholen, FANS; Michelle McClanahan, MHS Director of Volunteer Services; Wendy Klosterman, MHSVC President-elect; Barb Schoming, FANS; Patricia LaVergne, FANS; Sabrina Walsh, FANS; and Lindsey Rimmel, FANS. The MHSVC holds several fundraisers each year to raise money to support and enhance services within the health system’s many departments.

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