March 16, 2020

Impact’s Weight Loss Challenge Winners

Photo: Impact Sports & Fitness 2020 Weight Loss Challenge winners, pictured left to right are: 1st place, Karl Franz; Trainer, Anita Larson; 3rd place, Lynn Peterson; Team Trainer, Alecia Sare; and 2nd place, Curtis Barbee.

The challenge has been met, and the winnings have been awarded to the top three winners of the Impact Sports & Fitness 2020 Weight Loss Challenge. Winners were awarded based upon the percentage of body weight lost during the six-week program.  The top winners received $500, $250, and $100 respectively for first, second, and third place.

1st place winner: Karl Franz lost 14.45% body weight, 2nd place: Curtis Barbee lost 13% body weight, and 3rd place: Lynn Peterson lost 12.19% body weight.

“I kept track of my calorie intake, and it was an eye opener to see,” Franz said. “Meeting new people and getting a good workout was very motivational.”

Barbee and Peterson also shared their thoughts about the challenge. “This is a great way to get back into shape, and I enjoyed the group training,” Barbee said.

“Anita is a great trainer,” Peterson said. “She made the workouts fun and challenging. I also liked the challenge and motivation that helped me make lifestyle changes.”

This year’s challenge consisted of over 50 participants assigned to teams. Each team met with a trainer every week and participants also worked out on their own. The trainers leading the teams were Anita Larson, Alecia Sare, and Laurol Overlease. Impact Sports and Fitness sponsors the Weight Loss Challenge annually. For more information, call 263-3888.

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