October 14, 2020

Memorial Health System is Shining a Light on Germs





Memorial Health System (MHS) has acquired several new tools to help fight the spread of germs, including the COVID-19 virus. For added assurance of patient, guest, and staff safety, hospital patient rooms and Heartland Health Care Clinic patient and waiting rooms are regularly being thoroughly cleaned by hand, and then cleaned again with the use of the UV-C disinfection device (pictured far left).

MHS is also utilizing a smaller device for disinfecting things like N95 masks, tools, even cell phones, and other devices (two pictures in the middle above).

The air circulating throughout the hospital is also being cleaned by ultraviolet lighting that has been installed in the air duct system.

MHS will continue to look at new and improved ways to keep our patients, visitors, and staff as safe as possible.

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