January 20, 2022

Memorial Health System Unveils New Logo

Memorial Health System is excited to unveil their new logo!  

Memorial Health System (MHS) in Abilene officially affiliated with the Salina Regional Health Center (SRHC) family on January 1, 2022.  In doing so, the marketing departments worked together with an outside design company to create a new logo that would help to show the newly formed team commitment to healthcare.  Also part of the SRHC family is Lindsborg Community Hospital and Cloud County Health Center in Concordia.

Memorial Health System had 12 logos with many variations in size and color.  Not only is it costly and time consuming for a marketing department to have that many logos when looking at it from an advertising aspect, but it can also be difficult to sell your brand when a lack of cohesiveness exists.  Many community members do not realize Memorial Health System is not just Memorial Hospital.  Several outside entities are part of the health care system as well.  Village Manor, Impact Sports & Fitness, Home Health & Hospice of Dickinson County (located in Abilene and Herington), and Frontier Estates are all underneath the health care system.    

Going into this project the plan was to take the existing logo and modernize it.  The current logo included the letters MHS in an old English font and the caduceus (a staff entwined by two serpents mounted by wings) all enclosed in a shield.  The new design uses a more modern font, the staff is still present, the letter ‘a’ that wraps around the staff works creatively standing for Abilene, while also representing the serpents, and the wings are still present but they make a bolder statement as they are spread higher as if to say, “We are ready to fly!”  Abilene has been added to the Memorial Health System logo, whereas before the city was not represented.  With affiliation, SRHC would of course be added; just as it was with Concordia and Lindsborg. It now became important for them to add Abilene to their logo, and of course it wouldn’t be complete without the important tagline “Caring for You.”

Now the next phase begins; updating everything to have the new logo on it.  This process will take time.  MHS will plan to do internal changes first.  Updating the smaller things, that can be done easily within the MHS marketing department.  Bigger changes will happen as time goes on, such as signage and other larger projects that involve more time and several helping hands! 

This has been a careful process with several smart and creative people, as there were many things to consider when choosing a new design.


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