March 3, 2022

Dr. Short Elected Memorial Hospital’s Chief of Medical Staff

Dr. William Short has been elected to serve as Memorial Hospital’s Chief of Medical Staff of the Full Medical Staff for 2022-2023. Dr. Short is a family medicine physician at Heartland Health Care Clinic. He also serves as the physician for Memorial Hospital Wound Center.

The Chief of Medical Staff serves as the President of Memorial Hospital’s Medical Staff. His duties include developing and implementing quality assurance activities, coordinating the activities of the medical staff, and communicating the opinions, policies, and needs of the medical staff to the Board of Directors, CEO, and other officials of the medical staff.

Other elected officers for the Medical Staff are: Dr. Kimmy Hinman, Vice President; Dr. Brian Holmes, Secretary/Treasurer; Dr. Megan Brown, Past-President; and Dr. Christopher Young, Specialty Representative.

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