April 19, 2022

CARING FOR YOU Through Patient Experience

Memorial Health System (MHS) puts patient experience above everything else.  At the heart of MHS are its employees who practice the core values every day to make sure that you, the patient, know how important you are!  C.A.R.E: Compassion for all; Appreciation for others; Respect for everyone; Excellence that exceeds expectations!

Employees of MHS, the internal customers, work hard to make sure you, the external customers, have the best patient experience.  From the moment you walk through the doors to the end of your visit, MHS wants to provide you with the service you expect.  If you encounter any concerns through this process, MHS wants to hear about it!  Problems do not fix themselves.

MHS encourages its patients to speak up! If there is a concern, let the department you visit know about it.  Breakdowns in streamlined processes can be understood better with communication, and there may be a logical explanation as to why you may not receive the best care that MHS has to give.  This is especially more true right now as MHS employees are working through changes with affiliation.

Other times, there may be concerns that need immediate attention and warrant the need to involve our Patient Advocate, Jenny Stuck.  MHS is proud to have an amazing Patient Advocate to help give attention to the much bigger concerns.  When a concern reaches our Patient Advocate, it is put through a thorough process.  Jenny works closely with the patient, the MHS Risk Manager, and the department heads to find a resolution.  The goal to find resolution should be reached in 10 days or less.

There are several ways a person can reach our Patient Advocate.  You may call Jenny directly 785-263-6671, you may email her jstuck@mhsks.org, or you may submit a letter in writing by addressing it with special attention to Jenny Stuck.

With Patient Experience Week April 26-30, MHS wants to take this time and let you, the patient, know how important you are. MHS continuously strives to reach its vision of being the health care provider and employer of choice.  Without our internal customers we would be unable to serve our external customers, and without our external customers we cannot continue to improve and get better each and every day.  It takes a great team to continue the mission of enhancing the health and wellness of all!  

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