December 1, 2022

Ryan Crist Steps into New Role as Director of Plant Operations as Hoffman Moves Closer Toward Retirement

After two years of training with Herman Hoffman, previous Director of Plant Operations, Ryan Crist has stepped into this role.  On November 1, 2022, Memorial Health System (MHS) proudly announced him as the new director.

Ryan has worked for MHS for 17 years now.  He came to Memorial Health System after seeing an open position in maintenance for Village Manor.  At the time, he was self-employed and felt he needed to find a job that would provide good benefits for his growing family.  Eventually, Village Manor promoted him to the Maintenance Supervisor.  In 2019 he transferred to the hospital to begin working alongside Herman to learn as much as he could before Herman decided to retire.  He was fortunate to be a part of many different projects over the last two years and add to his skillset.   

Abilene became home to Ryan in the year 2000 after moving from Salina where he grew up and graduated from Salina Central High School.  Together with his new wife Kristin, who he married on November 10, 2020, they have five children; Michael, Kailin, Katharin, Olivia, and Ava.  Kristin works for Farm Bureau Financial Services in Salina. When they are able to get away from work Ryan and Kristin enjoy camping with the family in their new travel trailer and taking motorcycle rides.  He also loves traveling to watch his daughters Olivia and Ava ride in rodeos.  MHS has benefited greatly from the years Herman served as the director, and will continue to do so with Ryan taking the lead.  “I have enjoyed learning the maintenance and operating systems of the hospital from Herman,” said Ryan.  “We have a good maintenance crew with some great new hires over the past couple of years.”  The department is full of capable employees who have various skills in electric, plumbing, construction, yardwork, carpentry; you name it they can probably do it!  There have been many projects that the employees of this department have been able to tackle without having to hire external help, which in turn has saved MHS a lot of money over the years.  Herman still remains in the department as one of the crew.  He plans to be completely retired soon, but until he is, he still contributes his strong work ethic to the department, and of course offers his expertise to Ryan and the team whenever it is needed.   He has been a good mentor and has left me with a good vision for the future,” said Ryan.

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