September 5, 2019

Health System Employees Recognized for Service

Memorial Health System honored 40 employees for their 500 years of combined service during a service awards ceremony, recently held in the Nichols Education Center in Abilene, which included a presentation of service pins and gifts.

Employees honored for five years of service were: Gregg Biggs, Suzette Bolin, Briana Elliott, Kristen Hajek, Tammy Hand, Billy Hansen, Angie Johnson, Haley Jones, Traci Jurgensen, Patricia Lavergne, Denise Liby, Leah Lowe, Cassie Markley, Lisa McCoy, Paula Pedersen, Rhonda Schmid, Christina Schubert, Coleen Stevenson, Chris Taylor, and Russell Vermillion.

Employees receiving ten year service awards were: Stephanie Haws, Nichole Kelley, Lynn Krisher, Pam Schoemaker, and Stephanie Wilson.

Employees honored for 15 years of service were: Melissa Bradford, Connie Larmer, Carol Ross, and Michelle Ward.

Four employees honored for 20 years of service were: Janice Garrett, Dr. Brian Holmes, Laurie Johnson, and Robin Strauss.

Three employees honored for 25 years of service were: Elgin Glanzer, Andy Sutter, and Katie Wuthnow.

Those honored for 30 years of service were: Deann Feldt and Penelope Gaetz.

Debbie Davis was honored for 35 years of service.

Dr. Doug Sheern was honored for 40 years of service.

Congratulations to all award recipients.

PHOTO 1: Five-year service award recipients in attendance shown.
PHOTO 2: Ten-year service award recipient, Lynn Krisher, in attendance shown.
PHOTO 3: Fifteen-year service award recipients, Melissa Bradford and Michelle Ward, in attendance shown.
PHOTOS 4 & 5: Twenty-year service award recipients Laurie Johnson and Dr. Brian Holmes.
PHOTO 6: Twenty-five-year service award recipients, Andy Sutter and Elgin Glanzer.
PHOTO 7: Thirty-year service award recipient, Deann Feldt, shown.
PHOTO 8: Thirty-five-year service award recipient, Debbie Davis, shown.



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