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16 Aug 22
MHS September Board Meeting

The September Monthly Board of Director’s (BOD) Meeting of Memorial Health System (MHS) will be Tues...


Memorial Health System is made up of an entire family of Health Care Champions. As an affiliate of Salina Regional Health Center (SRHC), that family reaches past Abilene, and now incorporates not only SRHC, but Lindsborg Community Hospital and Cloud County Health Center in Concordia. All current job postings are managed by SRHC. It is just one of the ways our partnership makes us more efficient! We work closely with SRHC to find the best employees to join our team at Memorial Health System in Abilene. When you click our link: ‘APPLY HERE’, you will be directed to the SRHC careers page where you can select a job location. Choose Memorial Health System Abilene to view open positions with us. We are so excited to have more Health Care Champions join our team!

Memorial Health System Board Approves Integrated MHS and SRHC Obstetrics Program

Memorial Health System’s (MHS) Board of Directors approved a motion on Tuesday, July 19, 2022, to move forward with an Integrated MHS and SRHC Obstetrics Program that will allow MHS and Salina Regional Health Center (SRHC) to work in partnership for OB patients. In April of this year, Memorial Hospital began working with an independent […]

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Schools Using Wet Bulb Globe Temperature Values to Make Outdoor Activity Modification Decisions

Shown: Kestrel 5400 Heat Stress Tracker in use at the Abilene High School football field. Excessive heat, combined with high humidity, is always a dangerous combination this time of year in Kansas. This combination is closely monitored as school sports and activities get back underway for the fall season. Beginning this year, all schools now […]

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Dear Heartland Health Care Clinic, Thank You For All That You Do!

In honor of National Health Center Week, August 7-13, Memorial Health System (MHS) would like to recognize its amazing partner, Heartland Health Care Clinic (HHCC) in Abilene.  If ever there was a question what this clinic was capable of, the last few years have certainly highlighted why they should be applauded.  HHCC is full of […]

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MHS Employees Donate to Abilene Baseball Club

Employees of Memorial Health System (MHS) wore blue jeans at work for another “Jeans Day” fundraiser on Fridays throughout the month of July. Employees make a donation, of at least $5, and are allowed to wear blue jeans at work. A total donation of $715 was presented to the Abilene Baseball Club (ABC). The Abilene […]

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