March 3, 2022

MHS Employees Donate to 4:10 Irish Den in Chapman

Employees of Memorial Health System (MHS) wore blue jeans at work for another “Jeans Day” fundraiser on Fridays throughout the month of February. Employees make a donation, of at least $5, and are allowed to wear blue jeans at work. A total donation of $810 was presented to 4:10 Irish Den in Chapman. Their main objectives are: creating a safe, fun place for teenagers to hang out together after school; sponsor events such as – 5th Quarters, gaming tournaments, karaoke, popcorn & movie nights, trivia, game nights, and more; employment training opportunities for student interns; internet services to complete homework, and possible tutors after school. Many times, during the school year, the “out of town kids” have no place to go in between school getting out and an evening school-related activity such as a sporting event, dance, music program, etc. 4:10 Irish Den provides a place to go. They are an approved 501-c3 non-profit that believes kids, now more than ever, need a fun and safe place to hang out. The monthly Jeans Day fundraiser is organized by the MHS Employer of Choice (EOC) committee. Pictured from left are: Jessica Younkman, EOC committee member; Rhonda Nelson, 4:10 Irish Den Board of Directors member; Haley Jones, EOC committee member; Sara Boyd, EOC committee member; and McKenzie Funston, EOC committee member.

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