April 29, 2022

High School Students Tour Memorial Hospital

A group of Chapman High School students, interested in a career in health care, recently visited the medical departments of Memorial Hospital in Abilene. They are pictured in the Emergency Department learning about the Avera eEmergency system. Open 24/7, the ER is equipped to handle any patient who comes through the door. However, access to a second set of eyes and ears can be beneficial in critical cases. The eEmergency service provides that extra support to Memorial Hospital’s clinicians when needed. At the push of a button, local physicians and emergency room staff have immediate, virtual access to a team of physicians and nurses who specialize in emergency medicine. The students can be seen listening to a nurse, from a facility in South Dakota, as she explains what she can do remotely and how the camera works with the Avera system. In addition to the Emergency Department, the students visited with staff in Heartland Health Care Clinic, Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine, OR (operating room), Radiology and Imaging, Laboratory, and the In-Patient unit.

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