October 13, 2023


By Haley Jones

joined the medical staff of Heartland Health Care Clinic at Memorial Hospital and she started seeing patients on October 9, 2023.

Dr. Thompson is a graduate of the University of Kansas School of Medicine in Salina, where she acquired many accolades. In 2016, she was named Family Medicine Interest Group President. In 2017, she received Exemplary Physician Attributes. In 2018, she was recognized for both Outstanding Leadership in Student Teaching and Overcoming Adversity and, in 2019, she was again recognized for Overcoming Adversity along with the Rural Medicine Award.

Dr. Thompson completed her residency program at McLennan County Family Medicine Residency in Waco, Texas. Just as she did in her years at the University of Kansas School of Medicine, she performed at exemplary levels and gained more achievements in 2023 including Most Compassionate Physician Award, Comprehensive Maternity Care Certification, and Global Health Care Certification.

Women’s health is a special interest for her, but she is still very much a full-scope family medicine physician; seeing patients of all ages. Toward the end of her residency, she had many patients scheduled for prenatal/postpartum care, newborn/well-child visits, mental health care, wound care, ultrasound-guided injections/minor procedures, and palliative care.  

When asked what inspires her professionally, Dr. Thompson said, “While this is something that continues to evolve with time, the one thing that stays constant is that I am happiest when talking face-to-face with patients. My biggest goal is to take the knowledge I have obtained so far (and will continue to keep growing) and make it available to each patient I encounter. More importantly, I want to use this information uniquely for patients, in the best way that will help them be where they want to be. While there can be “specific goals” for each thing in health care, my biggest drive is to figure out what each patient’s personal goals are within their unique health/life circumstance and work with them to reach those goals, as these can be drastically different between individuals.”

Dr.  Thompson, her high school sweetheart, Lance, whom she married in April this year, and their two Goldendoodle furbabies, bought a house in Abilene and arrived this summer.  She gives credit to her husband for his superpowers, “he keeps our lives organized, clean, and full of delicious food!”  She described herself as an old soul; enjoying things like leisurely walks with the dogs, sewing/quilting, playing the piano, playing board games/puzzles, listening to true-story podcasts/audiobooks, stargazing, or just sitting down with some good food and talking/laughing with others. “I’m always looking for new hobbies to get into, and I hope to start traveling some with my husband in the years to come,” she said.

It was important to be surrounded by a well-established and well-respected group of physicians, and she knew that she wanted to come back to a rural area in Kansas, as she had really enjoyed the rotations that she did in Colby, Holton, Concordia, and Beloit.  “Abilene perfectly fits the bill for its amazing people, great location, and warm home-town feel,” she said. Memorial Health System is fortunate to have Dr. Thompson join their team of healthcare champions, and Abilene has gained another great family for its community.

Dr. Thompson is accepting new patients. Please contact Heartland Health Care Clinic at (785) 263-4131 for more information, or visit www.CaringForYou.org and find the new patient packets on the Heartland Health Care Clinic page.

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