December 1, 2023

Becker Completes Bike Challenge Across United States at Impact Sports and Fitness

Pictured at left is Ed Becker prior to beginning his journey to “regain control of his body.” Pictured at right is Ed after completing the “Impact Over the U.S. Bike Challenge” event at Impact Sports and Fitness, where it shows his loss of body weight.

Edwin (Ed) Becker Jr., recently completed the “Impact Over the U.S. Bike Challenge” event at Impact Sports and Fitness in downtown Abilene. The challenge began on April 1st with participants using the stationary bicycles at Impact Sports and Fitness to travel from Washington state to Maryland. Becker was the first participant to reach the final destination on November 10th.

Ed rode a recumbent bicycle, he referred to as “the Beast,” for 10 miles at a time, averaging 90 miles per week for about seven and a half months. He also shed quite a bit of body weight during this journey. “For me, it was not a destination/race to win. It was a mental, physical, personal challenge to finish…and I DID IT,” said Ed. Would you do it again, Ed? “Absolutely not! This experience was enough for a lifetime! Once is enough!”

Ed said he comes to Impact Sports and Fitness to get (regain) control of his body. “There are about 50 things wrong with me but, otherwise, I am healthy,” Ed said with a smile. When asked what he enjoys about coming to Impact Sports and Fitness, he stated, “I cannot exercise what’s needed on my own at home. I need the encouragement of ALL of the staff at Impact Sports and Fitness and the environment with others exercising like me.” Ed continued to say, “I am a champion for the underdog and those needing help. I help do a few things at Neighbor to Neighbor and First United Methodist Church in Abilene, and I donate to various organizations such as Disabled Veterans, VFW, and Boys’ Town. Money is to be used to help others!”

Ed is 78 years of age and lives in Abilene, which is also his hometown. He enjoys gardening and petting their dog, Norman.

Ed also wanted to say, “Thank you Memorial Health System for providing Impact Sports and Fitness for the Abilene area. It is a vital meeting place for ‘participants,’ physically and mentally, and it is easier in the company of others. Thank you to the entire, exceptional, staff at Impact Sports and Fitness…everyone is so friendly, helpful, and encouraging.”

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